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Data partition - Restric creation only Incidents for a specific group

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Hello Service Desk Experts,

I need to restrict users open Incidents for a Specific group. Only for incidents, request should works.

So I'm trying to do this by Data Partition constraint of creation.  Eg.

Type: Create

Table: Call_Req    

Constraint: type != 'I' AND group != U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87'

***My problem is that this constraint is blocking not only Incidents, but also Requests.***

I already try something like that but it also blocks Requests too.

type != 'I' AND group.last_name != 'name_of_the_group'

(type != 'I') AND group.id != U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C645'

I would appreciate if someone can help to achieve that.

Thanks in advance.




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it´s really strange. I think this is a bug or something like that. The documentation says it has to work that way.


However try:

NOT(type='I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87')

It works for me.... I can´t create an incident with that group.

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Hi, after a lot of tries it worked like this:

type != 'I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C645'

We are denying Incidents for this the group.

Thanks for your efforts henning1518. I appreciate it.

Good lucky

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