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filtering date on CABI dashboards

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I had a datasource with the SDM OpenAccess drive, and it datasource retrieve objects from the SDM object layer.

But it datasource does not filtering date time fields, in fact before it did not retrieve date fields, so i found a modification to the file.\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\applicationContext-semanticLayer.xml file. described on another post of the community. But even with this modification the date fields cannot be filtering in dashboards, so i want to connect directly to the mdb for achieve this filtering.

I created a Datasource conected to the mdb server, his conection works and i can retrieve all the tables and i can filtering dates on dasboards, but some fields does not appear.

For example in call_req does not appear assigned, or costumer or any fields that had a relation with other table.


The target is filter datetime fields in dashboards.

Please help!

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