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Assoc fields in notification

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I have a field z_classification in entservx table. This table is connected to nr as assoc_entservx BREL entservx.id.
I want to use this field in notification template (rule Modification CI, object Configuration Item).
Value of the field is "ABCD" but that is always displayed as empty in the notification.

Defined in Notification template
Classification: @{ci_id.assoc_entservx.z_classification}

Where is a mistake?

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you can access values from many-to-many relation using thier position in list, ex: @{ci_id.assoc_entservx.0.z_classification}

for assoc tables index always will be 0. when other brels like Activity Log or Properties can be iterated through whole list: properties.0.value, properties.1.value, properties.2.value, etc.


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