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Automatically fill a field on detail_cr

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Good night people.
I'm trying to make a customization that makes it possible to fill in the "Responsible site" (Local responsavel) field based on the information that was filled in the "Assignee" (Responsável) field.
The information I want to put in the "Responsible site" (Local responsavel) field is part of the attributes of the Assignee:
Any suggestions on how to do this customization?

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hi, this is complex task and I don't have any solution that can fit your requirements.

If you want dynamic solution that will work on the go, you need to: 

  • catch when hidden input "SET.attr_name" will be changed
  • fetch related value using key from changed input using ajax
  • write new value to visible and hidden inputs

otherwise POST_VALIDATE trigger suggested on ca community would be the best way.

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