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sync_fetch on bmhier fails when querying parent.family and child

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I'm doing a customisation and I'm getting a very odd error, I have to query a specific parent CI from the cr object with the condition that the child is the cr affected resource and the family of the parent is a specific one, this is my code:

bmq = format("parent.family = %d and child = U'%s'", ci_family, (uuid)affrcuuid);
send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "bmhier", "sync_fetch", "MLIST_STATIC", bmq, -1,0);

I get the following error:

Unable to forward the message to attribute parent

Spell interp failed at z.spl:46:cr::z: get_attr on parent failed: Unknown name. parent

But if I query only the parent.family or the child, or the parent and the child, it works, it appears that the error only appears when I try to do a query mixing dot notation and a base field.

Have anyone encountered this problem, any solutions/workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, is that code part from line 46?

you can try to add:

int msg_i;
if (msg_error()) {
	for (msg_i = 0; msg_i < msg_length(); msg_i++) {
		logf(ERROR, "%s > msg[%d]: %s", persistnet_id, msg_i, (string)msg[msg_i]);
} else {
	for (msg_i = 0; msg_i < msg_length(); msg_i++) {
		logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s > msg[%d]: %s", persistnet_id, msg_i, (string)msg[msg_i]);

after send_wait call to get more detailed log.


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Thank you cdtj, your answer made me realise I was looking at the wrong line ?‍♂️

The problem was that after the send_wait I was trying to get the parent column directly from the msg[0], adding this line solved it.

send_wait(0, bm_list, "dob_by_index", "DEFAULT", 0, 0);

where bm_list is a variable where I've stored the result of the list (that msg[0]).

After this now I can get the column from msg[0] without problems.

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