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Max Property count visible for employee role

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We are currently facing an issue where employee role users are unable to save their request tickets because they are getting an error "AHD05807:One or more Properties require value".

There are 25 properties in the Request Area but only 23 properties are visible only which is why they are unable to save the request.

I know that by default it should only show 0-22 properties but I've tried to modify the detail_cr.htmpl file and added 2 more lines like below:

<PDM_IF "" != "$args.prop25.id">
                    document.writeln('<td valign=top>');
<PDM_IF 0 != $args.prop25.required>
                        document.writeln('<span class=requiredlabeltext><label for="SET.prop25.value">' + <PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>"$args.prop25.label"</PDM_FMT> + cfgIndRequired + '</label></span>');
                        document.writeln('<span class=labeltext><label for="SET.prop25.value">' + <PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>"$args.prop25.label"</PDM_FMT> + '</label></span>');
                    document.writeln('<td valign=top>');
                    document.writeln("<input name='SET.prop25.value' id='SET.prop25.value' tabindex=" + _dtl.tabIndex + " value='" + <PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C>'$args.prop25.value'</PDM_FMT> + "'>");


but still nothing is changed even after running pdm_webcache. Have anyone tried to increase the max properties visible on employee role? or am I missing something still?

Thank you!

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