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Hi guys,

Consider this scenario:

I have a request category with 3 classic workflow task attached:

Request category

        Task 10

                     If the status of this task is APP then the task 20 and 30 most be skipped.

                     If the status of this task is APP2 then the task 20 most be Pending and the task 30 most be Waiting.

        Task 20

        Task 30

So to do this I've followed this steps:

1) Put the file upd_val.spl in the folder $NXROOT/site/mods/majic;

2) Recycle spel_srvr or restart the ca sdm services;

3) Create an action macro using this code:

format("cr = '%s' AND sequence IN (20, 30)", cr.persistent_id), // search over other tasks in the same parent request with seq 20, 30
1, 0, // delays
"status", "SKIP" // new status


4) Add this action macro to the status on task 10 that most be completed to skip the task 20 and 30;



https://communities.ca.com/docs/DOC-231155346 by @cdtj



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