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Adding Workflow Task with SPEL code in Service Desk 12.7

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Hello Collaborators,

I am trying to add an aditional workflow task in an already existing change order which one it has some workflow tasks using add_workflow method in spel code. This is my first time working with this method and I did this:

1) First, I wrote this line:

send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "api", "add_workflow", who, "400401", "", "APP", 0, "group_task", 1, "wf_template", 400208, "description", "Operaciones Argentina");

I got an error message saying:

12/20 11:16:28.43 G100603SV278   spelsrvr             5124 ERROR        api.spl               1507 err getting a change order or issue dob: NOT FOUND

2) Taking care the first attempt, I modified the parameter about change order persistent id:

send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "api", "add_workflow", who, "chg:400401", "", "APP", 0, "group_task", 1, "wf_template", 400208, "description", "Operaciones Argentina");

But, in this case, the change order never finishs to save and the logs show:

12/20 11:25:06.52 G100603SV278   domsrvr              8508 ERROR        attr.c                6196 No response to trigger chg::ztoma_control (3 time) after 120 seconds; waiting another 240 seconds

Can you tell me what is wrong with the persistent id in the method?

Thank you!!


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please share your trigger (mod file) too.

If you're using POST_/PRE_VALIDATE on change factory, try to use POST_CI then.

Regards, cdtj

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