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Query to check knowledge categories

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Hi guys.

On the Knowledge Documents Categories in Knowledge tab on SDM we have folders and subfolders created to put documents.

Some of them have documents other does not.

Well, what I need is a SQL Query to show how many docs we have in each folder or at least show if folder is empty.

Do you guys know how it is possible?

If somebody can help me I would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot.

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I can't build final query due to lack of knowledge :)

But hope this helps:

-- categories with documents:
select index_id, COUNT(doc_id) as doc_count
from index_doc_links 
group by index_id
order by doc_count

-- all categoires here:
select * from o_indexes
-- all docs:
select * from SKELETONS

please notice, that any doc could be linked with 1 or more category, or not linked at all.

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