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How do I extract the Hyperlink text from Skeletons?

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SD version 11.2, SQL DB

I'm back at this same issue once again, in short I need to export the resolution column of the Skeleton table so I can modify the folder location for many of our knowledge articles, however, the actual hyperlink text is not contained here... where is it?

We have MANY knowledge articles/solutions that contain hyperlinks to Word docs, Excel, PDFs, etc.  Our knowledge editors have stored these documents on the Service Desk server in the folder KTdata as to having them spread-out across the LAN so a link might look like this:

Click here to view the Installation Document [href="/KTdata/Installing-Laptop-Memory.doc" target="NEW" ] ...   

However, in SQL and/or when exporting the data, all I see is "Click here to view the Installation Document."  it does not include the hyperlink information. How do I go about getting this?

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