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Request Workflow in v14.1 auto-resolve when tasks completed

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HI, I'm not sure if the new Request Workflow in v14.1 qualifies as Classic or what, so am posting my question in this forum.  We'd like to automatically set Request status=Resolved when all workflow tasks are marked Completed. I cannot seem to do this via Events. Has anyone built this in any of the various workflows?  Thanks mucho!

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First, you will need an Action Macro for the Request/Incident/Problem Workflow Task object. Since you cannot create one from the interface I have attached one that you can import. Use the following command:

pdm_load -v -i -f CR_WF_Act_Macro.txt

Next, view the Request Area to which you want to apply this. On the Workflow tab, view the last task in the workflow. On the Behavior tab, view the Complete status. On the To Do tab, click Update Actions on True.

Click the Search button. Move the (newly imported) macro "Set related Request/Incident/Problem Status = Resolved" to the right column and click OK.

I suggest you try this in your test environment first.


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Thank you, thank you estli01!!  I had to modify the txt file to work in our environment (added fields), but the fragment column you wrote was perfect.  We now have the new macro working in all our environments, even production!

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