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SDU 2.0

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We're back!  And there have been some changes!

What did NOT change?

  • SDU is using the same forum software
  • All forum content is intact
  • All wiki content is (or soon will be) available under the Articles section
  • The Articles section will be editable by users, like the wiki was
  • Everyone's accounts, passwords, and content are all intact

What DID change?

  • The wiki interface is gone
  • The forum software has been upgraded (7 years overdue!)
    • Reputation system - you can "like" posts and other content
    • Social Media - you can share content to many different social media sites
  • The original layout/look of the site has been replaced with a standard template, in an effort to bring the site back online quickly
  • Advertising - for the moment, the advertising has been removed
  • New host - the site is now hosted by the makers of the forum software.  This is more expensive, but should result in easier maintenance and timely software upgrades.

What caused SDU to shut down in the first place?

Okay, so a few weeks ago, the previous company hosting SDU suspended the account because someone found a way into my account and either both malware files throughout the file system as well as attach malware code to existing, legitimate files.  We're talking over a thousand affected files in a sea of over 15,000 files.  At first, it looked like a manageable set to review one at a time and fix/delete.  However, I soon realized just how pervasive the damage was and realized it was not reasonable to fix everything.  And the host would not reactivate the account until the malware had been removed.  On top of that, my host account was about to renew for another 2 years' of service.  I saw no easy way to get SDU back up and operational, so I decided to pull the plug.  I did NOT want to do that, and hated to see all of that content just disappear.

So, why is SDU back in business?

Well, mainly because of you.  In the weeks since shutting down SDU, I've received quite a few emails from you guys thanking us for hosting SDU, offering stories of how SDU has helped you in the past, and many, many offers to help bring the site back or at least make a copy of the content available.  I decided to break out the defibrillator and see if I couldn't get find a way to revive SDU.  This is the result!  I hope you like it!



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Welcome Back! ! !

Great to see, and here's to another long run.   :D

There was certainly goodwill over at CA Communities when users heard about this:



I'm always happy to point people here as a great resource.



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It's great to have SDU back !

Thank you Gregg ! Hope you have a wonderful year ahead !

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Great Gregg and your team !..

Really SDU helps a lot for me and most of the people who are beginners to CA Service Desk. Have a wonderful year ahead and all the best..

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      Until I can transfer the wiki content over to the new Articles, you can find the old content here: http://www.greggsmith.net/wiki.
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