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How to get the the value of additional search arguments for list?

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Hi all,

I am trying to customize the incident list. Because there are different group of users use the same incident form, we set up different stored queries for them. The query will use the a customer field to identify and populate the list.

In the additional search arguments, it will show (type = 'I' AND zformtype.code = 'ZXY').

And now due to different group requirements, they want different set of list columns and search filters.

I tried to use the follow code to customize the filters and list colums, but it did not work.

<PDM_IF "$args.search_sql_clause" : "type ='I' AND zformtype.code = 'ZXY'">
<PDM_MARCO name=sfLOOKup hdr="testing" attr=severity factory=crs_in>

Anyone know how to get the current arguments value?



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I have a similar requirement and have been unable to have an IF statement around the Additional Search Arguments that I pass from the Search menu preset. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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