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Kick off PAM flow from button

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I am looking to create an activity entry on a Request, with a custom type by clicking on a button. No attributes on the form should change, but a log entry should be written. This will result in a PAM flow execution as an action on true. Advice on this forum steered me away from embedding the function in the button.

What I did was copy the request_update_status.html, and called it with the button. However, none of the arguments come over (ref_num, type). How do I bring those arguments over in context of the ticket I am clicking the button on?

Finally, I wish for this form to autosave so it writes the activity without further intervention. I have tried to embed a pdm_submit function with a window.timeout of 500, but it still gives me a Page Load in Progress error.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Here is how I am calling the custom htmpl form:

ImgBtnCreate("btncus", "Custom", "popup_window('','custom_activity.htmpl')", true, 0, "Select this button");

I also added some hidden inputs on detail_cr that relate to the values I want, but it doesn't give me any more data. webengine didn't understand when I tried to pass a 'INITFROM=custom' as defined as the form name starting the hidden inputs section.

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i suggest to do the next thing:

1. copy your detail_alg.htmpl as detail_alg_new.htmpl;

2. modify detail_alg_new with next code:

function saveOnLoad()
    function saveIfTrue()
        if (currentAction==0)
                // ahdframeset.opener.ahdframe.reload_me(); here was my function to update refresh parent (request) form
    if('$prop.form_name_3' == 'edit')
        var myInterval = setInterval(saveIfTrue,100);

Add function to onload:

(I also hidded body)

<body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();saveOnLoad();" onunload="unloadActions()" style="display:none">

blinking form is annoying, hope this helps (not tested):


3. add button to request form:

    var aa_url = window.cfgCgi + "?SID=" + window.cfgSID + "+FID=" + window.fid_generator() + "+FACTORY=cr" + 
    "+PERSID=" + window.argPersistentID + "+OP=UPDATE+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE=####YOUR ACTIVITY###" + "+HTMPL=detail_alg_new.htmpl";
    <PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Custom alg" Func="java script: popupActivityWithURL('\" + aa_url + \"','xfer')" hotkey_name="AA_URL[U]" ID=AA_URL>

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