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Change Orders without attached incident or request

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We require change orders to have either an incident, request or problem attached. Looking at the code in the chg_relreq_tab.htmpl I see that the list is in cr_list. However cr_list is not a listed as a reportable field when I tried to build a report. Also I expected the relationship between the change order and the incident,request or problem be stored in the lrel table but I do not see any relationships there. Any ideas how I can run a report that for changes orders where the cr_list is empty? We are running version 12.5.

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The relationship is an SREL from the cr object to the chg object. Here is a SQL query that should give you the information:

use mdb

SELECT chg_ref_num

, COUNT(call_req.id) AS [inc/Prb/Req]

FROM dbo.chg

LEFT JOIN dbo.call_req ON call_req.change = chg.id

GROUP BY chg_ref_num HAVING COUNT(call_req.id) < 1

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