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Archive child objects line command

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Does anyone know any efficient method to generate an export of the given object in the SDM (eg isscat) in pdm_load format? Much like the 'Archive' feature that generates an export including all child objects in a single file. I know I can customize the 'Archive' including thios object in arcpur.cfg file, but the problem is that I would like to run this process in the command line.

I know that in version 11.2 of the SDM there was a command-line utility that made it online, but in version 12.7 no longer exists.

I need this utility to develop a routine to import a certain category of occurrence with all child objects of a development environment and export to another production environment, ie different databases mdb.

Any idea?

Thank you for listening.

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I don't think this is possible right now and with the current SDM schema it would not be so easy to perform this transfer. I think this kind of export/import was/is considered on the SDM roadmap - export configuration from dev to prod for complicated stuff like Change Categories with their Workflow Templates + macros. But now, I don't think it's possible.

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