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Webservices ChangeStatus

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Hi Guys,

been a while since I had anything to post about !!!!!

I have done numerous webservice calls before but im having trouble using the changestatus method... and i dont see anything about it in the WIKI

The changestatus method is supposed to emulate the action of an Activity->Update status function on USD

the requirement for the method is as follows:

ws.changestatus(sid, creatorhandle, objecthandle, description, newstatushandle)

now my problem is i dont think im sending the correct status handle... I get an "invalid" error when executing it.

i tried as follows (not the real cnt handle or request handle, just demoing):

ws.changestatus(sid, "cnt:12345678", "cr:12340", "this is to change the status....", "crs:2001")

i reckon that my handle for the status is incorrect but i have no idea what should be used there... i have tried numerous options, id/persid/code but to no avail

please help !

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Remember that status in tickets is referenced with the CODE field (RE, CL, OP, HOLD, ACK, etc...).

Try this:

ws.changestatus(sid, "cnt:12345678", "cr:12340", "this is to change the status....", "RE")

Where RE is the status code of Resolved.

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You can use the updatObject method to accomplish the same..

ws.updateObject(sid, "cr:12340", attrVals, attributes)

Pass Attribute name and value to attrVals (Eg: For status --> CL).

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N@irb here is the error i get:

Message="Internal err with generic_status_change: NOT FOUND"

I thought of doing that Neo, just havent gotten there yet ;) thanks

I am getting this same error except mine says "Unknown value for status"

tried the following:






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