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R11.2 - Stored Query to show transfer from group

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We are making changes to our queues and we want to provide certain end users (Upper Mgmt) a way to view calls tranferred from old queue to new queue. Is there a query that will provide this information?

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there is no way to create a query that will do that, because the transfers only stored in the act_log as a String. There is no existing history.

In my opinion you need:

1. A counterfield (z_count_transfers)

2. Spelcode with a trigger  --> EVENT("UPDATE") && active == 1 && group { } . The code should count the transfers and incrementing z_count_transfers

3. Stored query (example):   type = \'R\' AND open_date > StartAtTime(\'TODAY\') AND z_count_transfers > 0

But that will work for transfers generally....


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