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  • Steps to Building a Test System from Production


    The following are the steps to build a test system mirroring a production system.

    It involves getting a sql backup of mdb, with all login's in the backup and then restoring is to a test system that has been setup and have an existing mdb built. The existing mdb is copied over using the SQL restore.


    1. install the base product
    2. run the pdm_configure to setup and ensure the environment is correct.
    3. backup $NX_Root/site/mods on the production system
    4. do the following extract on production
      • pdm_extract wspcol > wspcol.txt
      • pdm_extract wsptbl > wsptbl.txt
    5. restore the wspcol / wsptab to the test system
      • pdm_load -f wspcol.txt
      • pdm_load -f wsptbl.txt
    6. delete the file $NX_Root/site/mods/wsp_schema.log (may not be present)
    7. log on to the Web Screen Painter
      1. open the Schema Designer
      2. open any table and make a dummy update (e.g. the description some place)
      3. choose 'File' -> 'Save and Publish'
      4. shutdown the Unicenter Service Desk services
      5. run pdm_publish
      6. start the Unicenter Service Desk services
      7. check for any errors
      8. sign on to Service Desk
      9. sign on to sql visual studio
        • verify that any schema changes are in place
      10. check the ddict.sch found in $nxroot\site    verify fields are in the ddict
    8. copy $NX_Root/site/mods to the test system (see step 3)
    9. run the pdm_configure to setup and ensure the environment is correct.
      • check ddict.sch found in $NX_Root/site, to make sure that the fields were added correctly
    10. restore the database using SQL
    11. change the database name in the following table
      • dlgtsrv table
        1. change the primary server name to the test server name
          • sym    from production name to test name
          • server from production name to test name
    12. change all the notifications in the usp_contact record to 'Notification'
      • c_cm_id1, c_cm_id2, c_cm_id3, c_cm_id4
      • SQL Command is
        update dbo.usp_contact SET c_cm_id1 = 1801, c_cm_id2 = 1801, c_cm_id3 = 1801, c_cm_id4 = 1801
    13. reboot the server
    14. before running pdm_configure, check the following
      • User ServiceDesk is active and available
      • Update ServiceDesk in the SQL database
    15. apply patches


    This article was originally a wiki article created by Gityerfix in 2008 and edited by Revans and Eziril. Gregg updated to remove version number from the text while converting it to an article.

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