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    • Lol, You and I both have that preference.  See you then.  I will send contact info as the date closes.  
    • Class: @{call_req_id.affected_resource.class.type}
    • Hi Brian, Yes I will be at CA World next month. I hope to see you there. For future reference, I have a preference for micro-brews ;-) Cheers, Lindsay Estabrooks
    • The first one worked perfectly thank you. I have another one, if you don't mind too much. I'm trying to display the 'class' from the configuration items. I've tried the following, but only thing that displays is numbers (should be displaying 'Printer'). Have also tried it with 'grc', but that comes back with nothing. Class: @{call_req_id.affected_resource.class}
    • Well, I had no joy getting the dtlDropdownWithDesc working as I wanted it to. I did instead find a better way of inserting a new value into a custom field from an existing list. <PDM_MACRO name="dtlDropdown hdr="<Title of field on the form>" attr="<Your Custom Field>" factory="<The Factory Required>" list_display="$list.COMMON_NAME" rel_attr_name="<Table where lookup values are>" use_list_display=1 whereclause="value='name or value'"> To try and clarify further, we categorise our service affecting incidents by division. The "Department" field has all of the divisions required. So my macro looks like this: <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Division Affected" attr="affected_division" factory="dept" list_display="$list.COMMON_NAME" rel_attr_name="name" use_list_display=1 whereclause="description='Service_Affecting'">   Hope this helps.