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    • using javascript to make fields required based on results of another field
      I appreciate your help and time.  I enjoy helping and hope to contribute someday when I gain knowledge.       14.1, detail_in.htmpl I have a dropdown called zcusomter_type with two choices: 400010 Individual     400011 Business If individual is selected, I need to require zcustfirstname    &    zcustlastname if business is selected, I need zbusinessname required I would expect to have this done on SAVE where it will make the required fields red.   so far, I have added my JavaScript that I altered from another post here.  I didn't want to hijack that post, hence the new posting.   I added it originally to sitemods.js but now I am just dumping it into the form detail_in.htmpl   I simplified the javaScript to only focus on individual for now just to get it working.  What I notice is that it actually breaks existing standard makerequired validations.  I click save and nothing happens (no red fields to fill in)         function preSaveTrigger()
      {    var frmMain = document.forms[detail_in].elements;    var trigger = frmMain[SET.zcustomer_type].sym;     if (trigger == Individual) {     detailMakeReq(zcustfirstname, false);   } else {     detailMakeReq(zcustfirstname, true);   }
        return true; }
                      also attaching the entire part that I started with: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      /////  make required for individual or business                   /////
      // TABLE zcustomer_type
      //        400010 Individual
      //        400011 Business
      //   zbusinessname needs to be required when Business is selected from zcustomer_type
      //   zcustfirstname and zcustlastname needs to be required when Individual is selected from zcustomer_type
      //  initial creation 2/12/2016
      function preSaveTrigger()
      {    var frmMain = document.forms[detail_in].elements;    var trigger = frmMain[SET.zcustomer_type].value;     if (trigger == Individual) {     detailMakeReq(zcustfirstname + zcustomerlastname);   } else {     detailMakeReq(zcustfirstname + zcustomerlastname, true);   }  if (trigger == Business} {
        detailMakeReq (Businessname);
      } else {
        detailMakeReq (Businessname, true);
      }   return true; }
    • Surveys; Limiting to certain Areas
      *** Release r12.7 *** I only want Surveys to go out on certain Incident/Request/Problem Areas. For example, I DO NOT want surveys to be sent for Account Unlocks (among others). I created a Survey Template and have attached it to the Areas we want it sent on. However, no Surveys were being generated. I then attached the Survey Template to the Notification Activity for ticket closures, now Surveys are being generated -- but they're being generated on ALL tickets (which I do not want). Does anyone have any ideas on how to limit surveys to closures on only certain areas? Is there something simple I am overlooking? Thanks in advance.
    • New field on grpmem table can not be updated
      Under Group member list (grpmem table), i have added a new field "zupdoncall" to update Yes or No as 1 or 0 similar to Notify flag and Manager flag   I update list_grpmem.htmpl with the function as below  Then i updated "update_lrel.js" file as below But, the zupdoncall is NOT update the value Yes from list page. Please help on this.
    • Change Order with configuration items
      Here you go...  Feel free to remove the where clause or update the CO number to a valid CO number pertaining to your environment.  Run this query in SQL Server Management Studio   SELECT        chg.id, chg.chg_ref_num, usp_lrel_asset_chgnr.chg, ca_owned_resource.resource_name
      FROM            chg INNER JOIN
                               usp_lrel_asset_chgnr ON chg.id = usp_lrel_asset_chgnr.chg RIGHT OUTER JOIN
                               ca_owned_resource ON usp_lrel_asset_chgnr.nr = ca_owned_resource.own_resource_uuid
      WHERE        (chg.chg_ref_num = '23')
    • List_grp_mem.htmpl Checkboxes
      Have you resolved this and how?