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    • Thanks, cdtj. I saw your response on: In SDM 14.1.03, I already have priority added to the pcat table.  And it is accepting priorities on the detail_pcat.  And so I am trying to reproduce on load_properties.htmpl as you suggested on that post. Now this is what I am adding: ///////////////////////// //////////////////////// And this seems to work as long as the Priority field is a lookup and not a dropdown.  The priority table also has the standard values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, None and defaults to 'None'.  This may work as a dropdown if I get this to display as <empty>, otherwise, I'm sure the customer will not want this to be a lookup field when they want to override the category default. I'll try to keep this post updated with what I find, but your suggestion does solve the OP issue.   'Breeze
    • This could be achieved through Properties, once category changed system loading new category data on background frame, which could be used to update infomation on main (visible) frame. OOTB there are 2 files for analyst and employee roles: dyn_properites and load_properties, and employee's form using annoying DOM model to modify entire interface. To undestood it better you can add custom code to that forms and check how it will affect your main form on category change.
    • Did you find your solution?  I have the same need. 'Breeze
    • Hi David, I suspected they were customized list_in.htmpl and list_cr.htmpl as I don't believe that Group was one of the 'Edit in List' attributes in the OOTB form. Do you get any sort of error if you try to update the Group in one of those tickets (the ones that wouldn't update) using the detail_in.htmpl or detail_cr.htmpl?  
    • The release is the 12.7 I need to do that in Incidents and requests.  We are using a custom htmpl, but the customizations are not related with that functionality, just a few translations of labels.  I don't understand why some tickets save normally and why others don't do it, I have been trying to find similarity between the tickets that save, and the differences with the tickets that don't save, but I have not identified the possible cause.  Thank you so much for your interest.