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    • Hello! We have requestors that sends us orders through the maileater. They do not and will not have an account in SDM so what I am wondering is if there is a maileater parameter for adding a email-adress in the mail so that mailadress receives notifications like a normal requestor gets?   I checked the SDM maileater parameters but did not find any that looked like the one I needed but maybe I am wrong
    • hi, i am trying to login to service desk using 'loginServiceManaged' function. but get 'invalid login policy encryption' i have the following code string policyCode = "cert";
                  string password= "cert";
                  X509Certificate2 cert = new X509Certificate2(@"C:\setup\policy\cert.p12", password, X509KeyStorageFlags.Exportable);
                  byte[] certData = cert.Export(X509ContentType.Pkcs12, password);             X509Certificate2 newCert = new X509Certificate2(certData, password);
                  RSACryptoServiceProvider crypt = (RSACryptoServiceProvider)newCert.PrivateKey;
                  SHA1Managed sha1 = new SHA1Managed();
                  SHA1 sha = SHA1.Create();
                  UnicodeEncoding encoding = new UnicodeEncoding();
                  byte[] data = encoding.GetBytes(policyCode);
                  byte[] hash = sha.ComputeHash(data);
                  byte[] key= crypt.SignHash(hash, "SHA1");
                  var base64Key = Convert.ToBase64String(key);
                  USD_WebServiceSoapClient serviceClient = new USD_WebServiceSoapClient();
                  var result=serviceClient.loginServiceManaged("cert", base64Key);   ////////////////////////////// any help in this would be highly appreciated.   Thanks Akash
    • Hi all, I am trying to use email to update the status of the change workflow task. The default maileater only support change, incident, problem, request, CI, contact, asset, and issue. Does anyone have experience with adding new OOTB object (ie. worfklow) or new custom object to the text_api.cfg and successed? The only workaround I can come up with is using spl code. For example the MailEater update some change custom fields containing wf_id, user UUID and new_status, this will trigger spl code to look up the workflow task and update it. But this indirect approach may fail to update wf, if someone is updating the change order. Best regards, Conan
    • When I run grloader to commit CIs to the CMDB, we get this warning on each CI "GRLoader performs no inserts without the -n option Unable to create milestone, ERROR: NO AHD04199:An unexpected error occurred. Contact your administrator. [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] [ SQL Code=3621 SQL State=01000] The stat )". This occurs whether I use the –n switch or not. They see this error in SDM when looking at the CI details. Has anyone else seen this? This only occurs with some CIs, not all.
    • Hi Diverso, I know its a very old post and I have been following it to write the script again to suit my environment.  Can you please guide me how did you get the $attributes . I tried getting the help command for createChangeOrder() but could not get much info. I just want to create a plain Change order without any customized field section.  Thanks.