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    • how to remove Urgency on detail_cr.htmpl
      I didn't see that little nugget of code.  I do now, and it works.  I also found a KB     http://www.ca.com/us/support/ca-support-online/product-content/knowledgebase-articles/tec602400.aspx       thanks for the help Utkua!
    • Notification CI cable
      Hi, I want to display the cable associated with the @{call_req_id.affected_ressource} in a notification. I think i must used the parent_hier property but I don't know how to query a particular class (400016). Thank you!
    • attachement download error
      Nothing...   only for single user...May be for few users.   tomcat status is fine..
    • WF Approve button on Change Order
      I changed my requirement as below: Please help. Whenever the Change Order status is updated to "Approved", I want to set a WF Task status to "Approved" Seq.   Task           Status 3000   Appoval     Approve How to achieve this? Please suggest
    • Just the date (no time) on list_cr
      The key to understanding this is that dates are not stored as you see them in the interface. They are stored as the number of seconds since 01/01/1970. When you trim out the date entered to show say "01/29/2016" the value is treated as if you entered "01/29/2016 00:00". The line: <PDM_MACRO name=sfDate hdr="Start Date" attr="zstart_date" qbe_condition="EQ"> is then looking for a zstart_date exactly equal to this date/time. I suggest using the following: <PDM_MACRO name=sfDate hdr="Earlest Start Date" attr="zstart_date" qbe_condition="GE"> <PDM_MACRO name=sfDate hdr="Latest Start Date" attr="zstart_date" qbe_condition="LE">