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    • Hi my friends,   I am trying to create a function that only brings the information of the tickets with the maximum of the date and disregard the other values with inferior dates. Just like the print screen attached. I'm trying to use the follow function: =Máx([Last Mod Date]) But it doesn't work fine. Can anyone help me?   Thanks guys.
    • incident/request cannot close without closing associate change order in ca sdm Please help me to do this.
    • Hi All   I'm trying to enhance the Change Workflow tasks "CAB CONSOLE" (orderwf_approval_console.htmpl) view by wanting to add a tab/s to show the attachments and property questions and answers/values for a change   When I just indicate <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Attachments1" height=300 id=attmnt src="xx_attmnt_tab.htmpl"> it shows all attachments, I need some help with the src="????" part of the requirement to show associated attachments and another tab to show associated properties for the specific change order being viewed.   In 'detail_chg.html' it is displayed as ... <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Attachments" height=300 id=attmnt src="OP=SHOW_DETAIL+HTMPL=xx_attmnt_tab.htmpl+FACTORY=chg+PERSID=$args.persistent_id+NO_DP=yes"> But this does not work. Using WF also not, I need to build the relationship If at all possible, does anybody have a knowledge document on how to construct these, to understand and be able to build future requirements.   Can anybody please help.   Thank you Jacques
    • When you use the doSelect method it will return a Handle. You use this Handle (also known as persistent_id) as your value for category when creating a Request/Incident/Problem ticket.
    • I don't think you can create a macro for the Activity Log object (not an available option when creating a macro). I think you would need to create a trigger for the alg object and create some SPEL code to do what you want.
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