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    • Notification on log comments
      We have this same requirement and fulfilled it by adding audit_userid as an activity association on the RIP object then adding a condition on the Log Comment rule that checks if the audit_userid is the same as assignee.  Audit_userid is an out of the box object layer only field that captures the user performing the action. Not sure if that's what you meant by not using spell action.  We've had no issues with this approach.
    • Need Spel Code
      The point of that activity is to change the ticket status.  Why not use Log Comment or Research instead?
    • Unable to restore MDB.bak
      You cannot install a new instance of r14.1 and then restore an old r12.6 database over the new r14.1 database. There have been changes to the schema between releases. Here is what I recommend: Install a new r12.6 application and database. Make sure that will run then stop the application. Restore your original r12.6 database onto the new r12.6 database then run the pdm_configure on the new r12.6 application. Make sure that ...\site\mods customizations have been migrated over from your original application. Make sure that now runs. Following the documentation, perform an upgrade install of r14.1 I do this work for a living. If you would like some help to quickly and reliably reach your goals with CA Service Desk please send me a message. Cheers, Lindsay
    • Unable to restore MDB.bak
      Hello Manish, Thx for your quick reply. No, I've not run the reconfiguration after restoration, & how to upload the custom tables & columns. Actually i don't know the process, As I told you that I'm very new for this. Can you send me the full process & commands.   Thx  Niraj
    • Unable to restore MDB.bak
      Have you run the reconfiguration after restoration , what about to upload the custom table and columns.