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    • I am trying to solve below Scenarios: 1. Scenario where users upload big files and unwanted files that are not link to any KDs and it can be archive or delete off. 2. Scenario where I need to archive or delete off all retired KDs along with its attachment files. As I don't want unwanted files uploaded by users to take up sdm disk spaces. Try using purging with Archive and Purge rules but the physical files still remains in the repositories
    • Hi cdtj, This requirement changed internally and now this functionality was enforced for specific SD analysts only. I wasn't sure of updating your conditional macro, so I managed to accomplish using spel code which is working at the moment. Thank you!!
    • I don't think that there is any out-of-the-box (OOTB) feature that would enable that. In Service Contracts you can assign a Service Type (under the contract) to a group but that is only brought into play when the group is the Affected End User. What you are trying to do sounds contrary to best practice. It is basically saying to your customer "If you have a particular kind of issue and I assign it to group A then you can expect a different kind of response than if I assign it to group B."  
    • It is for the group that solves the incident. Thanks!!
    • hi, i think that you can publish new flag and define data partion to prevent any updates, condition could be like: id=0 OR (z_some_type = 0 OR z_some_type is NULL). Other question how you'll manage that flag. Regards, cdtj