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    • Hi, this happens if you're trying to search over 2 factories (incidents and request) at the same time, try to define factory in your stored query, add: type = \'I\' or type = \'R\'  If you want to have possibity to search, sort and perform all regular actions uisng both factories at the same time, you need to apply some kind of workaround, one it presented here: https://communities.ca.com/message/241820481?commentID=241820481#comment-241820481 Hope this helps. Regards, cdtj
    • You pass this (it's DOM object!) to the JS function, then if statement should match value of this with emergency REL_ATTR (I dont know is it code, id or persid). Also incident attribute should be replaced with attribute name, which stores incident... Regards, cdtj
    • Hi.   Something strange is going on in our system. There is a new text field added on a incident form. It can contain 1 or 0. If I make a search on list_in page with, for example, new field=1 then it shows all the tickets correctly and I can sort by any column. If I create a stored query with where clause " new field=1" and add it on scoreboard, it shows all the tickets but if I sort by any field, the list becomes empty (stored query is on list_cr page always)   Can you help me with this?
    • Hi Cdtj, I am trying the below code, which is not working in my case. <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Type" attr=chgtype evt="onchange='makeIncMandatory(this)'">
      function makeIncMandatory(value) {
        if (value == "<Emergency>") {
          detailMakeReq("incident attribute", false);
        } else {
          detailMakeReq("incident attribute", true);