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    • Hey guys! I need to update some customers data according to the information that he enters at the moment of the opening of the ticket, for example a phone_number field. When filling this information in detail_cr, I need this phone data to be recorded in the phone_number attribute in the cnt factory.  I found a spel code from @cdtj and thought it would work well.     cr::z_update_obj(...) { object inc_group_leader; send_wait(0, top_object(), "get_co_group"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Error: '%s'", msg[0]); return; } inc_group_leader = msg[0]; string inc_where_clause; inc_where_clause = format("id = U'%s'", customer); // your UUID here, customer for example send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cnt", "sync_fetch", "STATIC", inc_where_clause, -1, 0); object inc_zfound; inc_zfound = msg[0]; object inc_zobj; send_wait(0, inc_zfound, "dob_by_index", "DEFAULT", 0, 0); inc_zobj = msg[0]; send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "checkout", inc_zobj); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Cannot checkout"); return; } inc_zobj.phone_number = string4; // your attributes here // inc_zobj.z_some_another_attribute = z_value; // u can change multiple attributes send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "checkin"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "Cannot checkin"); send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "uncheck"); return; } } I think I need to add some more details to the spel code or even improve the trigger. My trigger:  MODIFY cr POST_VALIDATE z_update_cnt( customer, string4 ) 9020 FILTER(EVENT("INSERT") && (status == "OP")) ; Do I need to add any other attributes to the spel code? Thanks!!
    • We are running CA SDM 14.2. When an assignee closes a call they enter a text string saying what the resolution was. I need to run a report in Business Objects to pull a report of incidents and that resolution. with the help of a sql query I found the text I was looking for in act_log The question is where in BusObj would I find this?      
    • // i hope that codeRol is defined if ((type == "R") && (active == 1) && (codeRol == "SOLSERRED")) { if (status == "OP") { if (is_null(zGrupo_Inicial) || is_empty(zGrupo_Inicial)) { send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "zGrupo_Inicial", "set_val", group.id, "SURE_SET"); logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s > successfully set campo zGrupo_Inicial", persistent_id); } else { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s > campo zGrupo_Inicial lleno", persistent_id); } } else if (status == "RE") { send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "group", "set_val", zGrupo_Inicial, "SURE_SET"); logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s > successfully set campo zGrupo_Inicial", persistent_id); } }  
    • Hi good day You could be a little more specific, you could try a javascript code in the web form that makes this functionality but I need to know more detail to help you regards
    • Thanks, How I do it with object? do you have some example? I tried do it with object but it didnt work (i already nor remember why) I was born there but I live in Israel so I dont know about CIS
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