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    • Hi Team   I got  below spel from communities for location base grouping so that when ever location is selected by the user in ticket page , same group should also select.    for Instance,                 Location : CC WCC LHR  GROUP: CC WCC LHR                 Location : CC RWP           GROUP: CC RWP   Whenever location cc wcc lhr or cc rwp then the group will assign the same. so it will work same location n group name. spel code below, (zRegion is custom field of location) this.group = (uuid)expand(format("&{'%s' = grp.last_name->id}", this.zRegion.name));   Please help where to add this spel in mods--> majic folder, there are some files, in which files i need to add this spel?     Autoassignment will not work for me as we have hundred of endusers and we cannot assign their location in contact.
    • I found a solution that works for me: function zgroupauto() { document.main_form.elements["SET.group"].value = "5F3093F261DB11479D828B6338780664"; document.main_form.elements["group_combo_name"].value = "Testgroup"; }   <PDM_SET args.CST_defaultgroup=0> <PDM_LIST PREFIX=list WHERE="member=U'$cst.id'" FACTORY="grpmem" SORT="group"> <PDM_IF "$list.group" == "5F3093F261DB11479D828B6338780664"> <PDM_SET args.CST_defaultgroup=1> </PDM_IF> </PDM_LIST> <PDM_IF "$args.CST_defaultgroup" == 1> <body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();zgroupauto();" onunload="unloadActions()"> <PDM_ELSE> <body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();" onunload="unloadActions()"> </PDM_IF> Can i make it better ?
    • Hi,   is it possible to set a default value for the field "Group" (dtlookup) ? My Code:   <PDM_SET args.CST_defaultgroup=0> <PDM_LIST PREFIX=list WHERE="member=U'$cst.id'" FACTORY="grpmem" SORT="group"> <PDM_IF "$list.group" == "5F3093F261DB11479D828B6338780664"> <PDM_SET args.CST_defaultgroup=1> </PDM_IF> </PDM_LIST> <PDM_IF "$args.CST_defaultgroup" == 1> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="Group" attr=group evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\"" make_required=yes > <PDM_ELSE> ..... thanks.
    • Hi I wrote below spl script & trigger but it doesn't work for me.. Ticket not getting saved with or without configuration item.. Can you please help me where i am doing wrong..   cr::zmyscript(...)

      string zmsg;         
      zmsg=format("Configuration Item is required in order to close this incident"); 
      }   PRE_VALIDATE zmyscript() 111 FILTER(active==0);
    • How to make "Configuration Item" required on Closure of incident and Incident area is "Hardware"