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    • Hi, go to Admin tab > Roles > Access type, then create your own (or copy existing). On a first tab of access type form will be configuration for external authentication, you need to set PIN-Use validation type and specify attribute (on cnt factory) which will store contact's password. Regards, cdtj
    • How to create a local user in ca servicedesk 12.7 the requirement is, even if we disable the authentication they should be able to login to CA
    • HI, we are using CA servcedesk manager 12.7. we need to disable lotus notes authentication.we are not sure how its configured. PLease suggest if anyone have any idea.
    • I have added four fields to the schema z_assignee2, z_assignee3, z_group2 and z_group3. After populating the ootb group field I am only allowed to select analysts in that group for z_assignee2 and z_assignee3 even though the groups in z_group2 and z_group3 are different than the ootb group field, How do I get these fields to work the way assignee and group work?
    • That works fine: function zClearProp() { if (location.href.indexOf('METHOD=copy_cr') > 0) { var i; //Maximum porperties for (i=0; i<=22; i++) { document.main_form.elements["SET.prop"+ i +".value"].value = ""; } } } ........ body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();zClearProp();" onunload="unloadActions()">