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    • slump_nxd            2640 ERROR        list.c                1926 Invalid PROC_LIST entry found  The above error is from stdlog Can i know what is 2640 and where can i get all those error code list which we often see in LOGS
    • Are your userIDs qualified by domain (e.g. DOMAIN1\A12345 and DOMAIN2\A12345)?
    • The priority 1 criterion would lead me to look at things like Service Types and Events. You might consider opening a case with CA Support. If you would like some independent help on resolving this send your contact information to me at Lindsay@iteduconsultants.com
    • Dear, I am using CA EEM and it is integrated with two active directory. I am receiving this error for some of the users 'EE_SPONSORERROR iSponsor ErrorISE_METHODNOTALLOWED wrong GET/POST semantics'.  I have found that duplicate user id exist in both the active directory, Let say if my user id is 'A12345' then it exist in both the active directory and user is not able to login in CA service desk manager and getting above error in the stdlog for this user id. When I checked in AD then user id is disabled in other active directory and CA EEM is pulling the disabled user id also. Is there any way to search the active records in CA EEM so that only active user id gets authenticated in CA Service desk manager to avoid this error.  Please help me.   Thanks, Manish                
    • Very suspicious indeed. I have gone over the test environment, and the ticket does not exist there either. furthermore, the ticket count hasn't reached 4000. However, this isn't the only ticket that is causing this issue. Apparently every ticket that is assigned with priority 1 is triggering this spam. I managed to change the priority with the ones that we could find, but there is no solution to the ones that I could not find.  I hope that helps.